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The Glenn Beck Program

  • Host: Glenn Beck
  • Hours: Mon - Sat (9am - noon)

Glenn Beck is the host and star of a nationally syndicated radio talk show as well as the fastest growing TV show in cable news. Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and e... More Info >

Sean Hannity: Tuned into America

  • Host: Sean Hannity
  • Hours: Mon - Sat (noon to 3pm)

Sean Hannity has a new home in Bend - NEWS RADIO CENTRAL OREGON KBNW! Sean Hannity is a multi-media superstar whose radio program is heard on over 500 radio stations througho... More Info >

The Laura Ingraham Show

  • Host: Laura Ingraham
  • Hours: Mon - Sat (3pm to 6pm)

Always articulate and entertaining, The Laura Ingraham radio Program has been addicting legions of listeners since her launch into national syndication in 2001. Smart, funny,... More Info >

The Dennis Miller Show

  • Host: Dennis Miller
  • Hours: Mon - Sat (6pm to 9pm)

It's been said that Miller is "One of the premiere comedy talents in America today." While others are blunt assessing Miller's comedic stature, Dennis himself makes a virtue... More Info >

The Mark Levin Show

  • Host: Mark Levin
  • Hours: Mon - Sat (9pm to midnight)

Mark Levin is host of the fastest growing talk show in the current radio landscape. With nearly 150 stations — including 20 of the Top 25— The Mark Levin Show has become o... More Info >

The Phil Hendrie Show

  • Host: Phil Hendrie
  • Hours: Mon - Fri (midnight to 3am), Sun (12pm to 3pm)

Phil Hendrie got his start in radio as a music DJ and later in 1990 began his career in Talk Radio. The Phil Hendrie Show began as a comedy talk radio program that became reno... More Info >

Midnight Radio Network

  • Host: Gary McNamara / Eric Harley
  • Hours: Mon - Fri (3am to 5am), Sat (3am to 6am), Sun (Midnight to 6am)

MRN's host Eric Harley is a legend in the trucking industry, while news host Gary McNamara is a 15-year talk radio veteran with a resume as colorful as his personality. Togeth... More Info >

The Wall Street Journal This Morning

  • Host:
  • Hours: Mon - Fri (5am to 6am)

Your day's first look at business and the business of life on the radio. Host Gordon Deal and news anchor Gina Cervetti bring the perfect blend of intelligent information, hu... More Info >

At Home with Gary Sullivan

  • Host: Gary Sullivan
  • Hours: Sat - Sun (6am to 9am)

Do It Yourself has never been bigger, and Gary Sullivan is radio's DIY man. With over thirty years of home improvement know how, and over a decade of broadcast experience, Gar... More Info >

The Tech Guy: Leo Laporte

  • Host: Leo Laporte
  • Hours: Saturday (9pm to Midnight), Sunday (8pm to 11pm)

Leo Laporte is Your Go-To Gadget Guy. He's worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, most recently focus... More Info >

Dollars and Sense with Glenn and Stein

  • Host: Glenn Parker / Stein Swenson
  • Hours: Sun (10am to 11am)

Glenn Parker and Stein Swenson of Wychick Investment Advisors in Bend take your calls at 541-323-1340 and answer your questions about all things financial.

Glenn Par... More Info >

The Lou Dobbs Show

  • Host: Lou Dobbs
  • Hours: Sun (3pm to 6pm)

Mr. Independent - Lou Dobbs - is a self-described "unaffiliated independent populist."

Lou Dobbs joined CNN when it launched in 1980, serving as its chief economics cor... More Info >

Handel on the Law

  • Host: Bill Handel
  • Hours: Sun (6pm to 8pm)

Bill Handel of Handel On The Law dishes out legal advice and rapid-fire commentary every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm on News Radio Central Oregon KBNW. In addition, Handel is the... More Info >


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